An Incredible Research Tool

Dear World,

I present you a revolution in my bibliographical skills. Nothing has bothered me more than having to reproduce bibliographies from some unkept format, and being forced to put it into a proper one. This always happens to me when teachers give reading lists, which have some bibliographic info, but not all. Anytime I reproduce the format given on the reading list in my bibliography I get the big red mark.

Sometimes I get the feeling it is done on purpose. Keep all bibliographic information in some format that needs to be reworked every time you use it.

Zotero is a fantastic tool for pulling bibliographic information from online databases. Its also open source, and it works with most databases i’ve come across. Other great aspects are: it runs inside firefox, so you click on a simple button when you are on the page (say an anthrosource article). Zotero will copy the bibliographic info, let you attach notes and even files,.

Check it out at:


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