Answers in the blogsphere – forget the databases

Little did I know Marc Herbert, who recently let me know about a call for papers for a new online journal, runs a fantastic site that deals with exactly the issue I’ve been pondering. For one, I love his use of wiki’s over blog posts for managing information. I need to get out of this confining blog structure asap. I wonder how many gold mine blogs I’ve been missing out on.

Why do anthropologists blog? Check out Marc’s anthropology 2.0 site.

Then go read Max’s post “Path’s Ahead” , which discusses why a public anthropology is important – as a means of reformulating the disciplinary focus, encouraging public engagement, and basically making anthropology something interesting outside the brains of professional anthropologists. I find it particularly interesting to note that theres no quick way to do this, and I’m glad there are no expectations for student blogs like this one to actually encourage public interest! 😛

Also, here is a great post from Max about blogging – asking the same questions I have been about who aside teachers and students might be interested in anthropology. He points out that to some extent, it is written for himself. This is very true of my blog, and I do think its helped me focus ideas for my research. And on the issue of public anthropology, blogs are perhaps the richest source for information.

During a discussion related to my mini-ethnography “Why Do Anthropologists Blog?”, one interviewee [lol dare I say informant in public???] felt that to a large extent blogging was part of our mass media, fame, superstar culture where we all want to make it big. This was a fun perspective to consider, even though I do disagree with it. [and if MTV wants to interview me I’m available]. A quick visit to the stats page is also quite ego calming.

Another fantastic resource discussing public anthropology can be found on the Remixing Anthropology blog. Kimberly Christen discusses her upcoming presentation:

“Within these new scenarios for collaboration and exchange come questions (and anxieties) about the properness of sharing—what information can be shared? What should be shared?”

I’ll be very choked if these presentations don’t get broadcast online!

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