From class blog to public blog

A fantastic blog from Max Forte’s Cyberanthropology class has moved into the public realm! Check out “Shannanigans“. She writes:

“since I’ve finished Max’s Cyberethnography class I’ve been hesitant as to what to put up here. I’ve decided to keep this blog going for a reason and I believe I’ve found it… What is going on in the world today has much to do with what I am studying, how can Anthropology change things? By keeping people up to date with current events going on around us and making changes that will eventually change things for the better, voicing your opinions and expressing yourself.”

In Dr. Forte’s class blogging is part of the class assignments. The blogs however are restricted and open only to those in the class, creating an interest space for students to speak to each other. I think this forms an interesting place to practice engagement with ones writing, in that it is done with the knowledge that people aside the professor will read it. I’m looking forward to reading more, and wonder if the blog will change now that its not an assignment! Her writeups on readings are very insightful, and as much as I’ve thought about it, I haven’t managed to get energy to comment on all the readings I’ve been doing on here. Reading Shannanigans I realize I should also start including more reading responses (especially when they are written like hers!).


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