games of power

Heres an interesting news link touching on a role of academic journals –

“A year after Russia’s controversial flag-planting dive to the North Pole seabed to assert ownership of a sprawling underwater mountain chain, Canada is launching a less brazen but potentially more effective counterclaim for control over parts of the disputed Arctic ridge – perhaps even the pole itself – by publishing a scientific paper in a scholarly journal.”

(Randy Boswell Canwest news service)

So academic journals collectively wield a lot of influence, even more than planting ones flag on the bottom of the ocean! It certainly shows how academics do fit into a “game of power”. Maybe all the work that goes into creating authority can be put to good use somehow.

And I’m not saying it isn’t – I’ve just had a challenging semester that has investigated competing purposes for anthropology – depending on the class, and this has sort of split my mind into a million little pieces that i’m trying to reorganize back into a complete whole. At least I’m starting to see how little I know just in time to revise my proposal one last time.


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