Doing a little digging – Golub and Sahlins interview

Thanks to Jeremy Fewster’s recent comment on power, I did some searching for “creative anthropology”, and instead found a brilliant interview between Alex Golub and Marshall Sahlins posted on the Creative Commons website a few years back. They discuss the Prickly Paradigm Press, internet publishing, and how internet publishing may or may not be a threat to traditional forms.  Sahlins also relates blogging to “pamphleteering”.  I’m tagging this one for the research as well.

CC: So there’s really an idea that it’s sort of a pamphleteering outfit in the old style of public distribution of pamphlets?

MS: Yes. The object was to give people free reign to talk about things that they wouldn’t normally talk about or that were beyond their particular discipline, something that they thought was of general interest, that they could get off their chest without having a big scholarly apparatus, footnotes and so on. We wanted them to just let go, and that’s the way we’ve published. It’s the old pamphlet form, yes. But the fact that we are going into a Creative Commons licensing scheme also indicates something that was said about us very early on in the New York Times, namely, that we raise the question issue of whether the Internet is the new pamphlet arena. There is something to be said for the notion that bloggers and their like are a new form of pamphleteering. So the fact that we’re going onto the Net in this way is consistent with the observation that the Net has taken over the function of discussion in the public sphere, and it’s consistent with our own approach and spirit.”

The whole interview is relevant and interesting to the questions I’ve been touching on in the proposal.


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