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As I look into the “new audiences, new styles, new pariticpants” angle of my research, I’ve been brought back to some earlier interests about the need for creativity and inspiration when reading volumes of extremely heavy, gut wrenching, make you want to live in a hut in the mountains, anthropological essays on post colonialism, domination, and power.

Max Forte, like many bloggers, has been mixing up styles of posts – his latest creation, a series of short stories that incorporate various media sources, discuss real anthropological issues and for me, they just seal the deal that “formal academic exposition” is highly overrated.

The story begins here with “The Golden Days in the Jungle”,

it is followed up by Daniela Drinks with “Darkie”,

and the most recent episode – Joshua Marx, Anthropologist Among The Nationalists, the Jumbies, the Whores of the Post Colony.

Harsh, enlightening posts with a sugar coating of creativity that brings a badly needed dose of inspiration and digestibility.


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  1. Wow, thanks Owen! If I can get any better at it, it might be the only kind of writing I do in the future. One of the interesting little things I discovered is that sometimes a short paragraph of such fiction can absorb years of “fieldwork”, many different experiences, more than the equivalent paragraph if academic prose.


  2. Speaking of creative writing and public issues,

    A wild drunken dinner party spun out of control last night and the next thing you know everyone was talking about graduate programs, thesis writing, and proposal topics. I forget what was said of that – but what I do remember is being reminded of some great books by Thomas King – I read One Good Story, That One, a few years ago, and I’m looking forward to catching up on his work. (check out this blog post for example)


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