things i need to think about [a five day plan]

  • The why/when/where/how of “formality” – why should we be formal, and when -> leads to discussion of “the need for informality and the need for formality in academics, in life,  and in anthropology -> with a focus on accessible online publications (blog or journal or twitter or what not)
  • Differences between online communities, and online social networks, -> differences from the “communities” made popular in traditional ethnography.
  • write up some of my experiences so far with this blog – stories of embarrassment, stories of being offensive, as well as of meeting new people, finding inspiration, focusing ideas, empowerment,
  • write up a chapter of the thesis discussing the adaptation of ethnographic methods to contemporary research issues. [I am supposed to put this in the proposal, but its such a demanding question I can’t do it in a paragraph.]
  • Keep on tweeting as I progress through this plan.

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