twitter me this, twitter me that

Except I don’t know many twits! Having given up my email logins to Twitter, I figured I’d get a similar conversion rate as I did on Facebook. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and I find myself surfing random peoples twitter feeds! Out of a couple hundred contacts, none of them use twitter (whereas when i signed up for facebook I was amazed that it found 30 or so people already on there).

The styles of messages are informal and relaxed – and yet they are also archived. It’s an interesting way to keep up with people, and to keep other people connected with what you are doing. I have yet to integrate twitter into my life properly – I can imagine it being very different when you can take the internet with you (ie a cell phone).

So is it okay to snoop twitter feeds? I almost feel like an intruder reading about peoples barbeques, bike rides, etc… but I do like the jokes, and I can see how more frequent updates builds a strong sense of solidarity, or community, or network. Is it about the frequency of communication, or the informal nature of the relationships? But is it mostly between people who already know each other? Is there much new networking going on?

I’m trying to find out, but since I don’t know anyone on there, I’m tweeting at two people. I’m sure I could get my Dad on there too, since I never call him… not sure who else I can convert… If you tweet, do add me, I can fit you in for a free anthro-analysis session anytime (can’t provide a couch, sorry).

Twitter id: Wiltshire


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