more on net neutrality

While it tastes a bit strange coming from a company who develops censoring, monitoring, and advertising tools, [and all sorts of cool open source/platform projects too] Google has picked up the attack against one of the worst Canadian internet monopolies – Bell Canada.

As a subscriber to Bell Canada I can promise you that they have for the last year been interfering with users bandwidth – meaning they scan my internet usage to see if I’m using P2P applications [ie BitTorrent, Skype, Blizzard’s downloader, etc] and they interrupt the data to slow it down. Nate Anderson writes about the recent CRTC & Sympatico debate:

“Google goes further; not only should Bell stop picking and choosing which lawful apps to throttle, but the company needs to start upgrading its infrastructure in a serious way. Throttling merely “encourages carriers to build their business model around managing scarcity, rather than developing more abundant capacity.”


“A normal market response would be to increase supply or raise the cost of the service until demand leveled off. Instead, Bell decided to throttle P2P apps for nearly 10 hours every day, whether or not congestion is present.”   (

Let’s hope the CRTC puts an end to this hard handed behavior. I would change ISP’s to boycott Bell Canada but at the moment every decent ISP in Montreal runs through Bell’s lines – so it doesnt matter what I connect to, I get throttled. [Videotron being the one exception… I may switch next time they offer a decent rate]. Or if you know of any better options in montreal let me know!


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  1. Hello stranger! Incidentally, I recently switched from Videotron to Bell — Bell is $20 cheaper per month and in actual practice the speeds are virtually identical, with less down time on Bell. Also, Videotron makes you sign a contract, with the promise that you will get a fixed lower price, and then every other month after that they keep raising the fees. I canceled all my services with them.


  2. It’s too bad you had to go with Bell. I used to be with videotron and I remember well how they randomly changed pricing schemes with no warning to customers.

    I have a number of roommates who abuse bandwidth, so the only option is to find something unlimited. I’m currently looking at Teksavvy – which runs through Sympatico but is a bit cheaper [except you have to provide the modem].


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