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Google’s magical algorithms turned up some interesting blogs today that left me pondering the “lifespan” of an academic blog. In discussions about blogging as a research tool on the Media Anthropology Network, one discussant argued blogging was a great tool for “apprentices”, meaning it might not be as valuable to full fledged “doctors”. Or so I interpreted the post.

As I surf the web I’ve found there really are a lot of “dead” blogs – and some really great ones too. What makes people stop blogging? Does the initial buzz wear off? Where does an academic blog go once a person leaves academia? It’s for this reason I love multi topic, free thinking blogs that move beyond academic formalities.

But give me a degree, send me out in the world, let the sun shine and perhaps offer me a beer [and throw in a few round the world plane tickets while your in a giving mood]. At that point – blogging becomes serious work. To investigate this I’ve decided to compile a list of dead academic blogs, to email their owners and ask them to allow me to interview them. [and the list isn’t growing very fast, I keep finding dead blogs that have been reborn on different blog platforms].  Is there some sort of “blog graveyard” one can retire a blog for archiving?

If any ex-bloggers come upon this page, please share your experiences. Why did you stop blogging? For you academic bloggers, how did your feelings about blogging change once you graduated? And to the current crop of academic blog enthusiasts, have you given any thought to your blogs “lifespan”?


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  1. Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?

    Anyway, I thought that if you have not seen these yet they might be relevant to your work somehow:

    (1) From GIMME CULTURE I found this post on blogging as community.

    (2) From GEOFFREY PHILP I found this post titled “The Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog.”

    Incidentally, one day you will have to share your reasons for calling your blog “Another Anthro Blog” while using “no divide” in your URL. No divide sounds interesting, but the other one sounds like “hey, in a rush, dude.” Yes, I predict at least three comments will come in now saying, “I like the title of your blog, it is wonderful.”


  2. one of those links did not work — “hey, in a rush, dude”, so here is the long version:


  3. It’s a naming convention from the open source movement – with so many projects getting forked, and new ones starting all the time to do what old projects used to do, its become quite popular to use “Yet Another” in front of a projects title. lists 2060 projects with “Another” in the title!

    I like how the name reflects that it is part of something bigger – ie the blogsphere, the anthropology community etc. It highlights that it isn’t alone, the only answer, the only option. And the association with the open source movement touches on the idea of “remixing”.

    It is also very unpretentious, which I thought was a wonderful way to bring what I learn from this anthropology degree into blogsphere! [and at the time I was having trouble digesting the “science” of anthropology… so I didn’t want a strong title!]

    Thanks for the links! And let us know when your back in Canada!


  4. Sounds as if we share an interest in Dead Blogs check out my dedicated site, for all the abandoned blogs that you can handle!
    We are the self proclaimed -‘Official home of the certified dead blog’: BLOGS THAT DIED TOO YOUNG


  5. Thanks Owen, I knew none of that before you told me, regarding the naming convention. It is actually an excellent choice then. I am glad I made that quip or I would not have learned this.


  6. Is it possible that some of the Dead Bogs are because the blogger is, in fact……..dead.

    (Would that be a post-modern Monty Python moment?)

    Just ignore me. I think I have over-blogged.


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