Kelty quotes, social drama, and a turf war!

Christopher Kelty discusses the online popularity and exposure a group of “experimental philosphers” have had using “2.0” communication strategies. It brings up how the division and distance between those who embrace “new kinds of scholarly communication” and “those who ignore such techniques” is increasing. The discussion also touches on the falling walls of academia – in that some philosophical research projects look a lot like anthropology projects [and vice verca]. He comments:

“I’m pointing to x-phi as an example of a new kind of scholarly communication, something that, regardless of its content, is conducted in a new way, and thus able to achieve attention (warranted or not) far beyond what professional philosophers who ignore such techniques (blogging, organizing, collaborating) would be able to achieve.” (

The discussion that follows also includes wonderful disciplinary battle cries which have motivated a new chapter in my research. Inspired by recent discussions with Dr. Postill about “social fields” and online communities, I’m fascinated with the social drama that unfolds in “disciplinary turf wars” [thats going down as a chapter title].

[edit just found more!]

A turf war? social drama?  Fear not, Dr. Forte responds here!


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  1. I expect a dis reference for the “turf war” line, or at least a coupon for some Enkerli beer. Cheers!


  2. […] that the “disciplinary turf wars” line is an official trademark of the Carl corporation. Patent can be found here. ] Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Johannes Fabian conference at […]


  3. @Carl Hadn’t noticed the reference to my beer. What you may not know is that Owen also brews.


  4. @Enkerli and Owen, good for you and all but this information does me exactly zero good unless a way is found for me to sample some, preferably in ample overlapping batch flights to properly determine the character and consistency. Until then I treat said brews as hearsay. I’m just hearsayin’.


  5. @Carl Well, you could come to Montreal…


  6. It remains in the back of my mind but a little out of my way. I think how this is usually done in academe is you concoct some preposterous colloquium or forum or tedium or something, invite me as the bigshot outside speaker/commenter/confuser, I come and blather about whatevah for a little while and then there’s beer.


  7. Does the university of the streets cafe ever host talks at a pub? If so, we could even invite you to talk at the same time.


  8. UotSC does occasionally have talks in pubs or cafés where beer is also served. If Carl comes to Montreal, it’d sure be fun if the UotSC could have him as a guest (he’d do a great job, since he’s accommodating and open to discussion). But UotSC has no money and it would have to be done in conjunction with “some preposterous colloquium or forum or tedium or something.”
    Maybe about online academia?


  9. Starting to sound like fun.


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