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Pamthropologist discusses the challenges involved in motivating students to read assigned material – “The issue consistently and overwhelmingly reported as an issue by faculty was reading.” How do you deal with new media literacy when it is already such a challenge to motivate reading?

Rex at Savage Minds discusses the way Linguistic Society of America is RERO’ing their ethics policy statement to get feedback prior to finalizing the document. He writes

“… I’m sort of blown away by the fascinating use of blogging that is happening over at Linguistic Society of America. They are just now drafting an ethics statement and they are doing it posting each section of the statement as a blog entry and letting people comment on them. Now that is innovation in blogging. Fascinating.”

And Max Forte announced he is taking a blogging holiday – but don’t worry, he reassures us readers:

When this post vanishes and is replaced by a new post…then I will of course be back.”


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  1. Thanks so much Owen for posting about
    In fact, the topic of your thesis is one the of the major factors which inspired me to create
    this blog.


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