choosing what to write and to who

As part of my research into publishing and anthropology, I’m looking for stories about getting published.

I’d love to hear about your first publishing experience (especially if you are an anthropologist, but I welcome stories from all academics).  What inspired you to try and publish an article? At what point in your academic career did you start on it? What obstacles did you run into? How did the article change during the review process?

I’d also love to hear about responses to the publication. How was the response? Who did you write the article for, and where did you chose to publish it? Did you decide on place to publish, or a topic, first?

Who do you write for, and who do you want a response from?

Do you ever want to edit those publications? Update/fix/correct them?

If this stirs some memories, please share them here!


One response to this post.

  1. RERO!
    Release Early, Release Often!

    Of course, in this case, I’m commenting extremely late on this post. But, in terms of my own blogging, I force myself to post as quickly as possible, even if it means writing another blog entry in the near future. Heavy editing is for more formal writing, but I’m not even sure what the advantage is, anymore. After all, commenters on your blog (or those who comment offline) are often doing more useful things than an editor.


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