a new month in the field, let’s get it done

Well my first month of fieldwork has flown past, and I admit in many ways I botched it. Thankfully, I have time to tack on to the fieldwork period to make up for my early experiments and failures.

One big advantage to going away to do fieldwork is the way the researcher escapes daily routines at home. This makes it quite a bit easier to focus on the task at hand as opposed to being caught up in daily life (like renovation anxiety, work, etc…).

So with the madness in the halls at school, I have a new field to involve myself. I will hang out at the school to escape my renovation hell, and to focus on the research. Dedicating a “place” for work isn’t such a bad thing, as I get nothing done “at home”.

This month will be focussed on interviews with teachers at Concordia. I will try and play with the interview styles, hopefully doing a few with the idea of publishing them immediately on the blog, and other interviews more private, to allow for more juicy gossip.

I’ll also be writing up daily field notes from this point on. Up until now my field notes have taken on the appearance of microblogging – ie: I’ve written numerous “interesting at the time” thoughts on my ipod touch.  I’ll be doing more traditional “when I get home, summarize my thoughts” note taking to make sure I have everything I need for the upcoming “writing ethnography” class I am taking in January (which is meant to give me a boost on the thesis writing, so long as I have the appropriate “data” written down).

Heres to a new semester, and to breaking old routine!


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