Shame on Endnote. Long live Zotero.

Mary at writes that the makers of Endnote have filed suit against Zotero, the open source bibliographic management software which I love. Thanks Mary for bringing this to my attention!  I am calling for a boycott of Endnote, and ask all academics to use Zotero (even if it has fewer features for now).

We don’t need closed format bibliographic files, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with writing an open source conversion tool! If Microsoft can open up the Word format enough to allow Openoffice to convert and read it, then why is Endnote filing suit against Zotero for incorporating a conversion tool???

Goodbye Endnote and good riddance!
The lawsuit really has gotten the blogsphere buzzing – for more legal discussion see Mike Madison’s post.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Zotero lacks some of Endnote’s features but it also has several features which Endnote only dreams it had.
    I’m not one to boycott much but switching to Zotero makes a lot of sense, especially with the new library sync feature (in 1.5). At the same time, not everyone uses Firefox and there are usage patterns where Zotero seems to be lacking some features.
    Personally, even though it’s closed source and requires a paid license, I like RefWorks. Concordia has a site license and it makes a number of things really easy.
    What’s really surprising, though, is that there doesn’t seem to be a single reference management app on the App Store. Given Apple’s academic ties, I’m quite surprised. And with Google’s forays into academic references (especially with Google Scholar, but also Google Books), it’s possible that Android might get some reference management system. Didn’t check on this but wouldn’t it be neat to have a handheld device with seamless integration of reference management? Endnote and others on PalmOS and Windows Mobile wasn’t that useful but things have changed since that time.


  2. […] hearing them loud and clear. In varying tones of disgust and disappointment they are here here here & […]


  3. Or we could motivate ourselves and port Zotero to the iPhone, although I’m not sure how well open source software and the itunes store mix. For that reason, Android is certainly the way to go.

    I’m really not happy with my ipod touch. I got it free helping a friend buy a macbook through the university and I find the apple software extremely obnoxious. As soon as I plugged it in, it demanded a credit card and I can’t get into the ipod store until I pay money to upgrade the ipods software. Doesn’t work for me at all. They really outdo Microsoft when it comes to locking software down, but maybe someone will write a for-profit mac-happy app anyways…


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