Happy holidays

Writing about online anthropology from the comfort of a beautiful beach in Mexico… Yes, I happen to have made the beach my armchair and will relish in it as long as possible.

Wireless internet is growing at a phenomenal rate. I worried about carrying my notebook with me. I imagined hippies sneering at me as I typed away on their sacred sands.  Well, I’m sure some are… But to my surprise wireless internet can be found everywhere, as can tourists with notebooks. The lonely planet trade routes are now filled with wired internet junkies like myself.

But this isn’t a ‘vacation’, it’s a ‘writing vacation’. So sneer away hippies, I’m quite happy checking my email in the middle of a desert, and don’t feel the technology-environment confrontation. Okay, obviously theres some guilt here or I wouldn’t even have mentioned it. There is something funny about notebook carrying travelers, especially when we outnumber the lonely planet hippies.

January looms and with it comes the thesis writing seminar class, probably developed with the purpose of making room for the new, by giving a kick in the ass to the old.

Happy holidays everyone. In the meantime check out,

The Shoe-In protest against the war.  I wish I could have been there, but alas while the protesters enjoyed -12 degrees, I chose to sit passively on a beach. A big thanks to all involved and I’ll be there next time. Max keeps us up to date here.

Greg Laden’s “The Seasons Greetings Edition of Oekologie, The Blog Carnival”.

Neuroanthropology is working on a best of anthropology 2008 blog compilation. They ask for your favourite post, and your most popular post. I meant to send my submission in today, but it’s such a complicated thing to do. I’d take any suggestions. Submission deadline the 28th I believe.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You told me you were away, and I kept forgetting. Enjoy the trip! And don’t come around if your face is not so tanned that it sucks all the light out of a room 😀


  2. Unfortunately I freckle more than I tan…

    But who knew you could get a sun burn spending too much time online… If only this notebook screen was more legible in the sun!


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