self-archiving and anthropology v2

The original self-archiving and anthropology post I wrote reads like an attack on the Mana’o repository, based on a single email server issue. I consider the original post one of my worst (the post is one of those written-in-the-moment blog specials that did not turn out so well). After re-sending my emails to the repository, and successfully incorporating one of my professors articles into the archive, I can say they do an amazing job and I’m amazed at how simple the process is.

I checked out the copyright legalities before sending in the article, but this was unnecessary as the project team does all this work for you. It really is as easy as sending an email, with the desired work one wants to be self archived attached.

Many thanks to the Mana’o Project for making self-archiving so easy for anthropologists! Now I have an excellent example to convince more professors to embrace OA.


2 responses to this post.

  1. well the mana’o website has been down quite often recently, even for several days, so i thought the project was dead. now it’s down again. not good!


  2. uggggggggh.


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