Cyberethnography class – blogging student research

Max has posted his new Cyberethnography (v2.0) class website, blog, and syllabus. And i’ve been given word I’m going to have the opportunity to TA for it! And this time, students will be blogging publicly as a way of developing their research papers. As Max writes, all the projects from last years class were interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

A few thoughts –

  • Time. – Will the blogs have enough time to develop links/readers/reactions online? It took me about six months before major comments appeared [with a few exceptions,  based on previous relationships]. By the time students are done the class the feedback could start piling in. If the class keeps going year after year, it would help to focus the topics so each class can build on the work and comments of the others. [This would involve sacrificing topic flexibility…] [and even with no reader interactions the blog still works to focus research materials]
  • competition. – I hate academic competition, and if I wrote my first blog post, and it got the fewest hits, or fewest comments in the class, I’d be !@#!. Anonymous or not.  Then again, it’s no big deal either. Writing collaborative posts with a group might get around this, at least at the start to get things warmed up.
  • Could other cyberethnography classes get involved? Teachers can make an assignment out of reading and commenting on another classes blog. This would encourage that student-student communication I get so psyched about… If you have a cyberethnography class, or anything like it, let me know if this sounds interesting!
    [and yes, comments will be moderated lol… I can just imagine the kind of comments people doing homework anonymously could lead to].

Oh yeah, happy new year everyone!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats! Owen, You’ll have a blast- I loved that class… it was the first time that I felt sad finishing a class… I know you were in the same class with me last Jan. Everyone should take this class if they are doing an Anthropology Major/Minor. Have fun and enjoy!


  2. Yes Owen, hurry, we are waiting for you!


  3. Unable to change my return ticket,
    I morn the classes missed,
    and crack open a Corona.

    See you after the 12th!


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