writing ethnography class

The new year has begun, and I could easily have missed it. I return home to my official studies on the 12th, but classes began on the 5th, so I asked some classmates to keep me up to date and they were kind enough to let me know I have a 20 page paper on Malinowski due the day I get back.

My first reaction… “!@#!@#! Malinowski? Are you !@#!@! kidding me?” AGAIN? HOLY !~@#!#!#! 20 pages WTF???”.

Then my second reaction… “HOLY MO!@#!# OF @@!!# SHI$Q@#!”.

I closed the notebook and went to bed.

This morning I found out my classmates were having fun with me, and the 20 page Malinowski paper was a joke.  I only have to engage in one hour of free writing (preferably on the thesis) each day this week, and to hand in and discuss the product. Not so bad.

Miss school anyone? 🙂


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  1. Yes, they were having fun with you. It’s 30 pages. It involves comparing and contrasting Malinowski with Radcliffe-Brown, and both vis-a-vis Derrida. Enjoy!


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