just me and my thesis

and a latte… this is montreal.

The crocuses have bloomed and classes are over. My window stays open at night finally – fresh air feels goooood.

A quick medical note: after living a year with a bizarre feeling in my left ear, and having it checked out by numerous doctors, I was finally sent to a specialist who removed an enormous amount of what he called “debris”. He did not react like the previous nurse, who gasped “what the hell is this stuff in your ear”, nor did he freak out like the previous doctor, who said “oh look at that.. I think you have an ear fungus”.

Instead, he reached into his torture drawer and carefully selected the right tool – for this job a curved set of tweezers – which he manipulated a bit too joyfully.

Fungus? He wasn’t sure, but he did confirm the debris. 15 minutes later and I was out the door, less an earful.

I feel lighter now, and my hearing is much much better.

Yes, this is chapter 1.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Which archaeology book was it that the author–a Mayanist if I recall, had to have a mushroom cluster removed from his inner ear? I swear I remember reading that.


  2. I haven’t been exposed to much archaeology, but I have read a few Carlos Castaneda books. I must say I was quite disappointed with the experience overall – having heard such wonderful stories about exotic mushrooms.


  3. That’s what you get for rolling around in the grass!


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