regime change

Welcome the new thesis regime.

  1. wake up.
  2. run
  3. eat / coffee
  4. write thesis 9am – 12pm
  5. eat again
  6. look outside at sunshine
  7. find summer job—> Yes its similar to the last one I came up with – but I’m sticking to it this time.

    [Goal: Finish final draft of thesis prior to start of Montreal Jazz Fest at end of June.]

6 responses to this post.

  1. You know what? This makes a LOT of sense to me. So instead of sitting here and bitching at myself for being too braindead to start homework, and probably getting less than three hours done by noon, I’m gonna close this computer up and go running.

    Who knew that a post like this would be so inspiring. 😉


  2. You “suckered” me into reading this post given the title, I was so looking forward to reading about some concrete plan for…well I won’t write that here.

    Anyway, that is one healthy regime! I am relieved you put “wake up” first…some people forget that step and you can see how it affects their way of operating during the course of the day.

    Did I mention that my regime won’t allow me to start reading the thesis draft until perhaps some time at the start of September?


  3. “the sleeper shall awaken”


  4. Dear Sam,

    Thanks for responding! I just checked your blog and looks like it was a great run. I’ve also bookmarked it, and added it to my blogroll – I look forward to reading more!

    Running for me is also the best way to shed my morning mood, which makes writing so much easier!



  5. This would never have worked for me. I would have stalled so long before going for the run that I’d have never gotten to writing. No, what I had to do was NOT wake up and get three hours of morning work in before I came to enough to start inventing distractions.

    On the other hand, if you actually like running you might make it the reward for a couple hours of disciplined writing.


  6. Did it work? Not really, and yes.

    I ran 3/5 days. Weekends off obviously.

    But I wrote 2 pages – a paragraph a day… I have to say this was the most productive writing I’ve had yet.

    I have been known to write 30 page papers overnight. I’m not worried, it will get done!

    But can I reward myself for paragraphs? Probably not!


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