scamming academics

A few weeks ago a peculiar piece of email spam came to my attention. The email was a rather sophisticated scam, that involved posing as a soldier in the U.S. army, offering “sensitive” documents, which required that you visit a website, signup for “secure” access, etc…

I did a search on Google for parts of the message, and found that the email had been flagged on numerous spam databases.

Today I came across another such attack being discussed, the “Lambert Academic Publishing” scam. In this one, researchers are told that the publisher is interested in their work, dissertation, etc… They are sent to a website which is a replica of an actual publishers website. It appears very real. At some point they ask for ones bank information so that they can pay you the proper royalties.

Funny that they are targetting academics so directly. Are we more gullible? I figure they aren’t the richest bank accounts!

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