Stephen Harper vs. Canadian Law – The case of Omar Khadr.

After supporting the U.S. administrations (past and present) illegal detention and torture of Omar Khadr, Stephen Harper has finally been forced to help repatriate him:

“The Federal Appeal Court upheld a ruling Friday that ordered the Canadian government to press for the return of Omar Khadr from a U.S. military detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba…

… the Appeal Court agreed with O’Reilly that Canada had an obligation to take steps to “protect Khadr from further abuse” and that by refusing to request his repatriation, his charter rights were also violated.”

Where does this leave Omar Khadr? In jail… But at least now Canada can’t contribute to his abuse, and they have to “try” to repatriate him.

The courts have given me some hope, but then I think about a kid spending seven years in a foreign jail, being threatened with rape and urine, interrogated, kept in solitary confinement, deprived of sleep, etc…   well shit… this is why people ignore it all isnt it? It’s just too damn disgusting to imagine. So when Harper is forced to see whats going on, given that hes paid as Prime Minister and it’s his job, how did he turn a blind eye so easily? What kind of person does that?

[and as if he just turned a blind eye, he actually appealed the first decision and did everything he could NOT to help… this wasn’t lazyness, he is one of many *directly* responsible for keeping Khadr locked up this long!]

[and canada’s most biased news source has killed all coverage of this for some reason –> If you are looking for a good anthro project, we need studies on how canadian media companies manipulate the news!]


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  1. Posted by Dom Del on August 8, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Ahh.. just found 167 hit on search for Khadr at
    Who is biased?


  2. When reading blogs, it helps to take into context the date in which a post was written. At the time I was writing this, I had been following and other news sites with a specific interest in Omar Khadr. At that time, did not cover, for the span of at least a week or two, the issue of Omar’s appeal process.

    I admit my bias, and I’m sure does too. Are you trying to argue otherwise?

    And all this is disgustingly beside the point – Omar Khadr is still rotting in jail. The court process around him is a complete sham and it makes me disgusted to call myself Canadian.

    How do you feel about it? Any ideas that might help Omar Khadr? Can we do anything to get this kid out of jail? To stop this from happening in the future (and dont say child soldier laws, because “laws” don’t mean anything in this case. It’s a fucking illegal prison.)


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