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I’d have started with a tale of entry, to locate you in the journey, but its nearing the end of the first second third semester year and I’ve lost sight – of the beginning, and of the end. What is anthropology? That’s a good question, and you might even consider asking it to a grad student like myself. Unfortunately for you, I’ve been engaging in a history of anthropology, a history that problematizes our curiosity and casts doubt on our past and future integrity. It is a history of colonialism, of imperialism, and of their effects on anthropological perspectives and on people around the world. It’s anthropological shock doctrine, a rite of passage perhaps, that motivates a sense of ethic and responsibility as an anthropologist and as a global citizen. So for now I’ll sidestep the question, and with much humility, introduce my attempt at an academic blog.

While beginning as a place for stories of my adventures in the grad program, this blog has since become a central site for discussion around my thesis research. The discussions on this blog work to inform questions I’m investigating – specifically about changes in anthropology occuring online with the open access movement and the blogsphere. It is also about working on ways to engage an online community in an ethnographic fashion. Its success depends on the generosity of collaborators of all kinds. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, and remember you always have the option of responding anonymously.

You can find the project proposal here.

Owen Wiltshire

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  1. […] anthropologists trying to enrich it lately to be a solid one, such as you, Dr.John Postill, and Owen WiltshireI and many other I am not being aware of yet..I guess I will be lucky when I going to start my PHD […]


  2. Trees are for hugging not for cutting.

    Stop for a minute and concern yourself with the environmental crises caused by human actions and their impact on the planet. So be a good Liberal and stop using toiler paper! Only liberals care about our Gaia.
    leave comment


  3. Camouflage, I almost flagged your post as spam till I checked the site and recognized you!!! I agree, trees are for hugging not for cutting! You are so right. (too bad you are being sarcastic).

    As for the toilet paper, it really isn’t necessary at all (I’ve gone six months never using it… and I never missed it).

    I am considering installing a hose with a sprayer like they do in Thailand. I always found it worked much better than TP, and left one much cleaner too!

    Glad to see your still having fun with your site. I don’t understand why you hold so much contempt for liberal minded people, but I’m not here to change your views.


  4. Hi Owen!
    Good to meet you 😉 Here is the link to the “accès libre” link on my blog:
    Cheers 😉


  5. Hey Owen! What a lovely little logo you have there on the left hand side 🙂

    Did you see that I have been nominated for an award? Yes, it’s the “Taliban propaganda” award 😀 I can’t believe the “educational” level (assuming ZERO counts as a level) of some of these keyboard commandos.


  6. Posted by Jennifer on September 2, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    WOW!! I’m actually planning to do a master research on cyber anthropology. So this website is really helpfull!!



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