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Native Anthropologist has written a great post about the ethical challenges of fieldwork, discussing the kinds of information one can publish and how that material might be used at the expense of the communities involved. He wonders what kind of distance one needs to maintain when collaborating with others, and how one can do this as a native anthropologist.  He writes:

“I had to find a way to write an article with enough meat to qualify for publication in the magazine, and therefore make my friend proud, but with just enough not to incur the wrath of the Nigerian embassy in Cotonou, or to call undue attention to my research.”

I hope it’s okay to draw attention to his blog!


A Call For Feedback! (a research proposal)

Dear world,

With the guidance of Dr. Forte, I am almost finished my thesis research proposal. I am trying to build a more collaborative research framework using this blog to generate feedback and as a place to let people know what exactly I’m doing – so if you have time, check it out and voice your concerns and ideas! This written section compliments the presentation I created earlier, and the two together form my research proposal so far.

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Dr. Forte, for having put up with unending delays, whining, bitching, and other lovely unprofessional behavior. The workload over the past semester has been excruciating, leaving me feeling a bit demented. Hopefully such dementia hasn’t infiltrated my writing too much – although evidence of it certainly exists on this blog!

Edit #3 – added more bibliographic information, and brutally deleted and edited incoherent sections. You might as well start here, although I feel I may have cut too much – I wanted to incorporate more about “decolonizing anthropology” but since I hadn’t worded it well, I nuked it. It may make its way back in.

Research proposal draft beta 0.4 (lots of editing, deleting)

old versions

old research proposal draft. (with more about decolonizing)

And if you do take the time to leave some feedback, I will certainly do my best to incorporate it into the research. So please contribute (and by doing so you can say you contributed to the success of using a blog as a research tool! check out Erkan saka’s paper linked on left side of his blog)


Owen Wiltshire