Making Research Accessible


“An unfortunate tendency has arisen to equate Open Access itself with Open Access journal publishing. But there is more than this one, golden, road to Open Access: there is the faster, surer and more heavily travelled green road. We think that authors may be confusing the journal-affordability problem with the access/impact problem. Let us hope that the prospect of increased impact will persuade the majority of authors and their institutions to take to the green road so we can all enjoy its rewards.”

(Harnad 2008)

…firstly, while institutional open access mandates have brought some content into open access, the important mandates are those of the funders and these are best supported by a single infrastructure and large repositories, which incidentally enhances the value of the collection (while a transfer to institutional repositories would diminish the value)…”

Romary, Laurent and Armbruster, Chris, Beyond Institutional Repositories (June 25, 2009). Available at SSRN:


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